Clarendon SP2610 Scalable Tower Server

Intel validated Dual Xeon server platform with advanced features

The ASI Clarendon SP2610 features support of dual multicore E5-2600 family Xeon processors, fast I/O and large memory capability. SP2610 maintains the stability and reliability of a thoroughly validated platform. 

Housed in a solidly built pedestal case, the SP2610 utilises large diameter cooling fans linked to intelligent fan speed control to ensure reduced operating noise in open office environments. Scalable memory and a choice of storage capability together with the robust performance capability ensure the SP2610 can meet the requirements of small and medium business environments. The optional hot swap fans together with Memory redundancy options allow this server to meet high availability requirements.

Available in a choice of cases supporting up-to 16 x 2.5" or 8 x 3" Hard drives with rack-mount options. 

Reliable and stable with Australia wide support.

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